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Powerful trends are accelerating the evolution of education.
Our Office 2016 ebooks deliver everything you need to keep pace.

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1. Students learn differently.

Your students grew up tweeting and texting. Traditional books leave them cold. Office 2016 combines carefully sequenced chunks of content with video and visuals to draw them in and keep them moving from one task to the next.

2. You have less time to prepare.

Every term, educators are asked to do more with less. Office 2016 includes all the tools you need to prep, teach and grade a complete course—including a complimentary eLab account.

3. Software changes more frequently.

Microsoft abandoned its three-year cycle, so course materials become obsolete faster. With an ebook solution we can make updates much faster than a pure print solution.

4. Everyone wants to save money.

Cash-strapped millennials know better than anyone that the cost of textbooks and assessment tools can get outrageous. The all-inclusive Office 2016 ebooks offer exceptional value for every learner, so they never have to go without.