Coho Data: Enterprise-Class Support for Your Peace of Mind

At Coho Data, our world-class support team are ready to help ensure your data is always available when and how you want it so your business can focus on more important things than storage.

We believe storage should be a utility that is always on, always ready and self-adjusting. Built-in DataStream Self-Management Features include performance and capacity monitoring to proactively predict when issues will occur and remedy them automatically without requiring human intervention.

If an issue arises and requires human intervention, optional email alerts are automatically sent to your storage administrative team. For emergency events, 24x7 service is available to get you a resolution - fast.

Coho Data’s world-class support team is co-located with the product engineers with one goal in mind: getting your issue resolved as quickly as possible. A long-lasting partnership with you is made possible by our commitment to the highest levels of customer service.

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